Treating Customers Fairly

At George Baker (Insurance Brokers) Limited, our aims have always been to treat our Customers fairly since day one. Following regulations implements by the Financial Conduct Authority, we set out below our intentions -  


  • All staff are fully trained and kept up to date with changes, improvements and amendments in the Law, Regulatory issues and in the insurance market by way of trade journals, magazines, letters, training days and on-line notification


  • It is our practice to provide all customers, new or old, a Statement of Fact recording information they have provided to us in which the insurance policy is based. Our Summary of Cover is also provided at the same time, which outlines the level of cover including, but not limited tom, sums insured, excesses, indemnity limits and underwriting information.


  • Policy wordings are available upon request


  • At the initial enquiry for a new quotation and again at renewal date, we actively check the insurance market to ascertain the best product and make a point of informing, by way of letter, email or face to face, the main terms, conditions, warranties and exclusions that are applicable to the policy so there are no misunderstandings


  • We are extremely concious that our reputation is spread by word of mouth, so every effort is made to meet our clients expectations and to ensure they are aware of the most suitable product they should have to meet their individual requirements and these are shown within the “Demands & Needs” statement within our Summary


  • Should the Customer have a query, it is dealt with promptly and our Complaints Procedure is outlined within our Customer Charter found on the reverse of our company letterheaded paper.


  • A copy of our Terms of Business and Complaints Policy is available upon request


  • The Customer’s best interest is always our intention