Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity insurance provides cover for the financial consequences of professional negligence, following a breach of professional duty by way of neglect, error or omission. In addition, an indemnity is provided in respect of the legal and other costs and expenses incurred in the defence of any claim. 


Any professional person providing advice, design, specifications, supervision etc, whether this be for a fee or gratuitously, owes a duty of care to their client, and third parties. The duty of care owed is generally the exercise of 'reasonable skill and care', in the discharge of the services provided. If a professional fails to exercise this duty (i.e. is negligent) they may be liable for losses incurred by their client, and/or third parties.


Certain Professions are required by their Designated Professional Body to hold PI Insurance, others may require it for a contract entered in and some don't even know they need it!


Did you know -


There are 2 types of Professional Indemnity cover - "Civil Liability" and "Negligence Only"


Also there are 2 types on Indemnity Limit - "Aggregate" and "Any One Occurrence"


Any finally, the Indemnity Limit and Excesses could be subject to either "Defence Costs in Addition" and "Defence Costs Incuded"


This is why we are here - to guide you and give the necessary advice - so please contact us if you need to discuss PI Insurance further